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Adult Camps Loves Silent Discos

10 / JunSaturday 2017

Adult Camps Loves Silent Discos


Kids and Adult camps alike have been using companies like Quiet Events to put on Silent Disco/Quiet Clubbing parties as part of their nightly entertainment for guests.

In 2017, Club Getaway one of the largest adult camps is partnering with Quiet Events to offer a wild and crazy weekend taking wearing headphones to party to another level!

Club Getaway is an adult only summer camp, offering different activities such as hiking, swimming, fitness classes, karaoke, and crazy parties each night. You will leave with so many new friends and have the best weekend of your life!

For one weekend only, you have the chance to experience all of these activities with the new craze of Quiet Clubbing added to each event. For each activity you will be given a pair of wireless headphones. Wearing the headphones will make you experience activities in a new way you never knew existed.

Your weekend begins as soon as you arrive with a chance to meet other campers at happy hour and an awesome party to kick off your weekend. There will be 3 Live DJs battling for your attention, spinning everything from Top 40, to Throwbacks and Hip Hop.

Other activities that will be offered include: Quiet Fitness, Quiet Karaoke, Quiet Comedy, Quiet Pub Crawl and Hike, and of course, a silent discos both nights.

You can buy packages HERE. The prices range from $445- $505 per person and includes all food, activities, and housing for two nights.

You’ll play all day and party all night, this is not a weekend you want to miss!

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