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The FIGat7th Psychedelic Silent Disco

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24 / FebFriday 2017

The FIGat7th Psychedelic Silent Disco

FIGat7th, an indoor/ outdoor mall in Los Angeles, California recently hosted their first Psychedelic Love-In event. To kick off the weekend festivities, Arts Brookfield featured a new multi-site, large vinyl art installation called  Signs of Life,  designed by John Van Hamersveld.  The event was all ages and offered a themed happy hour, free candy for the kids and a crazy silent disco dance party powered by Quiet Events. It was the perfect way to spend Valentines Weekend.

Figat7th opened the doors to the TASTE food hall to host the silent disco portion of the night. As the sun went down, the glowing lights from the headphones emerged, and the guests began to dance. At this silent disco, you were given a pair of free headphones, that allowed you to switch between the three-different live DJ’s. If you didn’t like what one DJ was playing, you had the power to switch to another DJ by a flick of a switch on your headphones.

This is the third event that Quiet Events® has powered at FiGat7th. The first event this past summer, had a line wrapped around the building, with an estimated 10,000 RSVP’s. It looks like Quiet Events will continue to host these wild and crazy silent discos throughout the coming year.

Silent Discos are all the rage right now, so you don’t want to miss the next one! You can check out their schedule HERE.

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