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FREE Silent Discos All Over The World

05 / MayFriday 2017

FREE Silent Discos All Over The World

Who doesn’t like free parties? With the ever-rising cost of everyday amenities, we could use a break every now and again from opening our wallets. To have a night out on the town in most major cities, you must shell out some big bucks just to get through the doors of a club to hear a live DJ. If you happen be in New York City, San Francisco, Austin, Ottawa and Toronto, you have the chance to save some money and attend a free silent disco headphone party brought to you by Quiet Events®!

Quiet Events® will be offering over a dozen FREE parties in 2017. They have been in business for over 5 years, throwing silent discos all over North America, for crowds of all ages. These free events are always located in large open spaces, giving the ability for thousands of strangers to get their groove on.

At these free events, you will be given a pair of glowing headphones. These headphones will allow you to switch between THREE live DJ’s choice of music. The music is clean and all ages friendly, so all generations are welcome. The glowing lights on your headphones will rotate from Red, Green and Blue depending on which DJ you choose to listen to in that moment. YOU choose how to party, YOU choose your experience, YOU choose the amount of fun to have in one evening.

Their free events have been seen in NYC at Central Park, Bryant Park, Lincoln Center, Queensbridge Park and Brookfield Place. In LA, they have hosted THREE free events, with their first one bringing out over 10,000 guests!

Silent Discos are the number one party experience, so you don’t want to miss these free parties in 2017. Check out the schedule here: FREE SILENT DISCO PARTIES

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