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Museum’s Art After Dark Programs love Quiet Clubbing / Silent Discos

20 / JanFriday 2017

Museum’s Art After Dark Programs love Quiet Clubbing / Silent Discos

The Arts after Dark program is a trend that many museums are adopting.   It’s an after hour event that usually caters to 21+ with drinks, dancing and live performances.

Quiet Events is proud partner and offer headphone parties to  museums like: Milwaukee Public Museum, Liberty Science Center, Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many more..

Why are these Quiet Clubbing ® / Silent Disco parties the perfect Art after Dark program?

  • There’s no amplified sound to damage the artwork or exhibits
  • 3 channels offering a wide range of music for any age
  • It’s very social, just take your headphones off and talk to a friend or interact with an exhibit
  • Social Media – Everyone loves to take pictures with headphones on and will tag the venue
  • Low cost / No overhead – Quiet Events provides everything to make it a successful event
  • Marketing – Our check in/out app sends a text message to visit upcoming programs

Anyone that is interested in putting on a unique event for their members should highly consider putting on a Quiet Clubbing® party.

Here’s a quick overview of the Arts after Dark program at the Liberty Science Center.  Notice our massive headphones as the dance floor center piece.  It’s always a crowd favorite.

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