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Quiet Events Turns Up the Heat In Fitness

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15 / MarWednesday 2017

Quiet Events Turns Up the Heat In Fitness

People often have a difficult time sticking to a fitness routine. After working long days, it is hard to find the motivation to change into your workout clothes and head to the gym.  Lucky for us, Quiet Events has come up with a solution to keep your interests peaked, which they call Quiet Fitness.

During a Quiet Fitness class, you wear wireless headphones while working out in various classes. These classes can range from yoga, spin, strength classes and even Zumba! There is no limit to what you can do with these headphones. Thanks to Quiet Events®, they have literally revolutionized the way we workout by adding in a fun factor.

Their next event is with CRUNCH fitness in New York City. You have two options to workout with headphones. CRUNCH fitness is offering a Rise and Shine 3 in 1 Fitness Sampler and a Happy Hour Cardio Dance Party.  These parties will be off the hook, you don’t want to miss either one!

You must be thinking, “Why would I wear headphones in a fitness studio, I only wear them when I work out alone!”. The answers easy – more options to mix things up in your fitness routine!

Why are using wireless headphones better?

  • Class size no longer matters, the instructor speaks over the wireless headphones to a group of 10 or 2000 participants. Each person can hear what the instructor is saying without missing a beat
  • You can have up to 3 fitness classes going on at the same time
  • You can be outdoors and the instructors voice will not get lost in the wind
  • You can be taught by 3 different levels of instructors at the same time

If you are a fitness studio looking to add these “silent disco” like classes to your schedule, Quiet Events® rents headphones for all types of classes. Have you ever been in the situation where your studio is too small to have two classes going on at the same time? Your problems have just been solved when you rent these headphones. Your students will love the ability to choose between two classes at their favorite gym.

Soon everyone around the world will be wearing headphones while working out, it will be abnormal not to wear Quiet Events wireless headphones. Don’t be the last one to try this hot trend!



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