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The Silent Disco Ice Festival Returns to Central Park

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08 / FebWednesday 2017

The Silent Disco Ice Festival Returns to Central Park

Now in its sixth year, on the weekend before Valentine’s Day, you can celebrate your love of Central Park’s sculpture’s. Come witness ice-carving artists from Okamoto Studio use electric chain saws, chisels, and picks to transform more than 6,000 pounds of ice into a glistening replica of one of the Park’s most beloved statues.

Since 2015, The Central Park Conservatory selected Quiet Events to help make their Ice Festival special adding a party where everyone wears headphones. Known as “Quiet Clubbing” or “Silent Disco” this was a huge success that the 2016 Ice Festival brought back Quiet Events for an even bigger Quiet Clubbing / Silent Disco party at the bandshell in the heart of Central Park… however, due to sub-freezing weather it was canceled.

Bigger and Better in 2017! The popularity of Silent Disco’s have grown over the last three years drastically. Quiet Events is one of the industry leaders in Silent Disco hosting weekly parties across the country. From just a few hundred in 2015 to thousands of headphones in 2017, this is one event not to miss! If there is one cliché that is true about New York, it is the city that never sleeps; even in the bitter, cold winter this party keeps everyone warm!

Once the night falls, revel among colorful lights as the Mall becomes a vibrant silent disco party with live 3 channels of music with 2 live DJs getting the crowed dancing and singing all night!


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