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Yoga More Relaxing with Wireless Headphones

11 / AprTuesday 2017

Yoga More Relaxing with Wireless Headphones

Yoga is a mental, physical and somewhat spiritual practice that originated in ancient India.  Today Yoga studios are like Starbucks franchises, popping up on every other corner.  Just like all the types of coffee Starbucks offers, Yoga has just as many styles: Anusara, Bikram, Hatha, Kripalu, and the list goes on.  What our ancient Yoga instructors probably never expected was the newest style called “Quiet Yoga” or sometimes referred to as “Silent Yoga”.

If you are a yogi, you know that taking yoga classes in studios that are situated on busy streets can be extremely distracting. Picture this: you are comfortably positioned in your child’s pose, and suddenly you hear the blaring noise of a car horn, or worse, an ambulance siren whizzing by! Quiet Events® has figured out the solution. By wearing a pair of their wireless headphones, you can easily slip into quiet yoga bliss in any studio in the world.

Not only can you tune out the outside world to get your namaste on, but you may find yourself in a class one day that is too advanced, or not advanced enough. By adding Quiet Events® wireless headphones to any yoga class, you now have the option to listen to not one, but up to three yoga instructors in the same room!

If you are a yoga studio looking to change things up, look no further then Quiet Events®. They rent their headphones for indoor AND outdoor classes. Think about those outdoor classes you love to coach in the summer. You fear having too large of a class and the students will not be able to hear you. With these special headphones, you speak directly to each student, no matter how large the class, no matter how much background noise may be going on behind you.

Quiet Events® is looking to revolutionize the way you either take yoga classes, or even instruct them. You can inquire more information here: YOGA RENTALS


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