Weekly Quiet Clubbing® / Silent Disco Parties

Quiet Theater

Quiet Theater is a unique experience, that combines traditional live performance plays with the use of our wireless headphone technology. The headphones not only allow you to hear the actors perfectly without any outside distraction, but with Quiet Events unique 3 channel system, you are able to add entirely newlayers to a live performance.

Example 1: Rocky Horror Picture Show
In 2015 Lincoln Center hosted a massive 2,800 outdoor performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is where actors are in front of a movie acting out what is happening in the movie. With headphones on, the audience could choose to listen to the actors only, the movie only, or both simultaneously. (NY Times Article)

Example 2: Boy Meets Girl “The First Date” – Episode 1
In 2016 William Petz, the founder of Quiet Events produced the first play in which the audience wears headphones in order to not only hear the actors, but also hear the actors inner thoughts.  That’s right,  there’s no filter on hearing exactly that a boy and a girl really think during their first date.

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